16.12.2018 - 15:51 Uhr

-5102- days ago Bastian passed away




This website is dedicated to our beloved son Bastian who passed away one day after christmas on 27th of Dec 2004 in a fatal car crash. He left us in his very best Years of his Life in the age of 22 .

At the very end of the rainbow
I'll be waiting for you to arrive,
 I shall sit there with crossed Arms
resting upon my knees
for you not to see too soon,
  how I was longing for you to arrive
 (Author unknown)



We'll miss him!
We shall miss his funny jokes which brought us so much laughter
and also sometimes bothered us.
This all we miss.
We shall miss his cheeky nature that embarassed us sometimes.
This all we miss.
We shall miss his determination to handle things in an uncomplicated way
We'll miss him.
We know he just went ahead and we'll follow him.
He wait's for us.


© Uwe Krohn 2005